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Mike Dubue: Vocals/DX7/Moog/Stylophone/No-Input Console
Alex Moxon: Guitar
Philippe Charbonneau: Bass
Pascal Delaquis: Drums
Adam Saikaley: MPC/Synth

We are HILOTRONS. Simply just a band, like other bands… but not as good as The 
Jesus Lizard. We approach music transcending the idea of genre, making musical statements or asking musical questions, accepting the responsibility of growing, learning and evolving as musicians/composers while embracing the absurd, darkness and humour of life. We also super-dig movies and stand up comedy! Never looking for any sort of balance, we try to reflect ALL of this in our music and on our records, delivering high energetic non-stop performances to engage your mind and dance your ass off!

We’ve been a band for 14 years and have released the albums Porch Dweller (2002), HILOTRONS S/T (2003), Bella Simone (2006), Happymatic (2008), At Least There’s Commotion (2013), Sing Song (2014) and To Trip With Terpsichore (2015). We’ve also scored films from the silent era (including The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari, Back To God’s Country and Carry On, Sergeant!) and perform the music to the films as live cinematic events.

HILOTRONS is an Ottawa band started by Mike Dubue in 2001. The line up was Mike, with Paul Hogan (Guitar), Philip Shaw Bova (Drums) and Phillip Victor Bova (Bass).  In 2002, they released an EP called Porch Dweller.  Paul suggested the name HILOTRONS and in 2003, they release their first self-titled LP.  

Philip Shaw Bova was replaced by drummer Robin Buckley and Phillip Victor Bova was replaced by bassist Damian Sawka.  HILOTRONS continued to play shows, with bands such as Arcade FireThe UnicornsThe Von Bondies and The Constantines.  Over the years, there were a few more band line up changes (Jordy Walker and Chris Seibel on Synth/Percussion) and eventually they settled on Mike, Paul, Damian, Philip Shaw Bova and Mike Schultz (Synth/Percussion/Back-Up Vocals).  In 2006, they released their second LP Bella Simone.

In 2008, HILOTRONS signed to Kelp Records and released their third LP Happymatic, which was short listed for Polaris.   

In 2009, Dubue toured with the band The Acorn for a year.  He also began scoring music for films from the silent era and presenting the films with a live band, chamber ensemble or orchestra.  Eventually, the HILOTRONS began performing and co-writing scores, including The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (1919) and a wide variety Canadian short and feature silent films.  

In 2013, Dubue went into the studio with Philip Shaw Bova and eventually released their fourth LP, At Least There's Commotion, on Kelp Records.  For shows, HILOTRONS turned into a duo, which was Dubue and Adam Saikaley (MPC/Synth).  Eventually, Alex Moxon (Guitar), Philippe Charbonneau (Bass) and Pascal Delaquis (Drums) joined the band and they continue to perform as a five piece.

In March 2014, HILOTRONS and author David O'Meara released a digital record with Coach House Books called Sing Song.  The album features Dave O'Meara reading selections from his 2013 book A Pretty Sight with music composed by Dubue.

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