Alex Moxon is a professional guitarist based in Ottawa. Though his greatest love has always been jazz music, Alex enjoys listening to and performing in as many styles as possible. That fact is plain to see: he’s clocked many studio hours on rock, folk, jazz, fusion, hip hop, big band, and funk recordings. 

Alex plays in numerous projects around town, including his original band The Chocolate Hot Pockets, Ottawa music scene staple The Hilotrons, live hip hop band 2REACT, Stevie Wonder tribute band The Four Heavies, the HML Trio (who you can catch every Thursday at the Brookstreet Hotel), Stripped Down Soul, and many others. In 2013, Alex received his Bachelor of Music with Honours from Carleton University (where he studied under local virtuoso Roddy Elias). He has performed at high profile venues including The Rex Jazz and Blues Bar in Toronto, Montreal’s The Upstairs, the Ottawa National Arts Center's 4th Stage, and is a repeat performer at Ottawa's International Jazz Festival.