Over years of teaching, Alex has developed a comprehensive and flexible guitar curriculum that consistently helps students of all ages and experience levels to reach their goals. His tried and true guitar program serves as a guide to ensure that all students have a grasp on the fundamental skills of music, while at the same time helping them to follow their own unique paths.

Given that students all have different backgrounds, stylistic preferences, and training, Alex has designed the curriculum so that it can be followed in a non linear way. By taking a personal approach Alex can help students to immediately focus on learning new material that will benefit them the most, while also ensuring that they are never out of their depth or rehashing concepts they have already mastered. Below are six printable sample lessons designed for varying experience levels. For rates and booking, contact aj_moxon@hotmail.com 

Beginner Guitar: Learning a Simple Melody

Beginner Guitar: Five Classic Guitar Riffs

Intermediate Guitar: Plug in Baby Transcription (with TAB)

Intermediate Guitar: The Up and Over Technique (audio examples below)

Pasquale Grasso - Blues in Bebop (source recording)